Venue and Travel


Conference Location

ROSE 2012 will take place at the Otto-von-Guericke University, which is located in the city of Magdeburg, Germany. The conference room will be in Building 02 (Room 205), whose entrance is located on the backside. Please consult the maps at the end this page and the campus map for details.

Travel by airplane

Magdeburg is located in the middle of Germany and can be reached from 3 international airports:

Airport Duration of the transfer to Magdeburg Main Station (Hauptbahnhof)
Leipzig-Halle -by train without changeover 1:02h from 8am until 8pm, outside of this time window duration varies from 1:21h to 2:16h
-by car using the highway 1:15h
Berlin-Schonefeld -journey by train varies from 1:52h (1x changeover) up to 2:33h (2x changeover)
-by car using the highway 1:36h
Hannover -by train from 1:49h (1x changeover) up to 2:01h (2x changeover)
-driving by car 1:30h

We recommend travelling via Leipzig Airport (that offers frequent connections to all European intercontinental airports). The railway terminal is quite close to the airport (5 min) and the service in the train is offered in English.

Travel by train

Travel information and tickets are offered on the website of the railway company. Additionally, you can buy tickets from the ticket machine in each station.

The campus of Magdeburg University is only 15 minutes walk away from the main train station. Alternatively you can use Tram 1 (Direction Lerchenwuhne) or Tram 8 (Direction Neustädter See). A map, that illustrates the location of the tram station is available on this page. Tickets are available from ticket machines in the tram. Leave the tram at station "Universität".


Magdeburg provides a number of hotels in various categories that can be accessed by walking or by Tram. The ROSE 2012 organizing committee reserved a number of rooms in each of the following hotels. Please emphasize your participation at the ROSE2012 when reserving.

Hotel Ratswage
Ratswaageplatz 1-4 39104 Magdeburg
Sleep & Go
Rogätzer Str. 5a, 39106 Magdeburg
Hotel Maritim
Otto-von-Guericke-Strasse 87, 39104 Magdeburg

Climate in Magdeburg

The climate of Magdeburg varies between very warm summers and cold winters with some snow. For November we expect an average temperature of 7°C / 44°F. So, better plan for cool and rainy weather.

Map of Magdeburg

Attendees can view an annotated map of Magdeburg here

University Campus Map